Commercial Real Estate Solutions

Commercial Real Estate Solutions



IPS provides owner and tenant representation services for Owners/Landlords/Corporate Accounts/Property Management Companies and Tenants in commercial & mixed-use developments nationwide. With this experience tremendous value is gained by managing the process to ensure a Win/Win situation for all parties involved. We believe our clients are best served by having IPS involved starting from the lease negotiation to establish clear guidelines for construction, design and build out intent. We can then translate the build out intricacies into the lease agreement verbiage where we mitigate risks for all parties involved.


Our preconstruction services include TI plan reviews where we review compliance with building standard structural guidelines, fire/life safety system integrity, acoustical noise mitigation of commercial to residential (if applicable), utilities, MEP and review of ADA plans provided by the architect of record. We also provide insurance requirement review, provide acceptance of TI plans to the Owner/Landlord for notice to Tenant as well as conducting a preconstruction meeting to review site access, bathroom facilities, power usage, hours of noise operations, notices to onsite management, verification of insurance certificate prior to release of keys to the space, establish observation points by IPS during construction. Once the preconstruction meeting is concluded we have the GC and Tenant sign the Property Guidelines to ensure everyone is on the same page.


IPS provides construction observations services where we execute the risk mitigation plan established in the previous phases. IPS reviews required submittals and provides appropriate responses, reviews schedule presented by GC and provides construction observation at regular intervals during construction to ensure compliance with the plans and building standards. Once construction is completed IPS requests the required closeout documents and conduct a thorough review when provided. Upon acceptance of the close out documents IPS will provide approval for the release of the TI Allowance.


IPS provides complete project management services for our corporate partners. We manage all aspects of the project including initial scoping, design team and subcontractor management, material selections, submittal reviews all the way thru project construction and closeout. With this full spectrum of services we effectively produce consistent results for our corporate partners that allow them to focus on their business while we handle their projects. Let our team assist you with your next project .


IPS provides services for Tenant’s where we help the tenant navigate thru the complex tenant improvement process including: space evaluation, GC evaluation, design team and GC management, construction observations and reporting, submittal reviews, and final close out document reviews ensuring a smooth transition from planning to the successful operation of your business.