Design Team Solutions

Design Team Solutions

Designing unique projects is a trademark of all great architects but can be challenging in today’s market. Our philosophy is to identify issues during design rather than let them be found in the field where change orders, delays and litigation could be an issue. With over 30 years of experience IPS provides proactive solutions that minimize risks and increase profitability including:


IPS provides constructability & coordination reviews which are a crucial opportunity to mitigate exposure to change orders, litigation and back charges that reduce fees and decrease profitability. IPS applies its 30+ years of experience to deliver a written report & redlines to the design team identifying areas of improvement prior to releasing to the client and GC. By doing this the design team minimizes change orders, schedule impacts, additional hours required to coordinate while the project is being constructed and thereby increases profitability and client satisfaction.




We believe our broad range of experience in the design, construction, development and operations of 12,000+ units nationwide makes us your first choice for your accessibility risk management partner. Accessibility reviews have become standard protocol in today’s environment. IPS provides thorough accessibility reviews during the SD, DD & CD architecture plan phases based on the Federal Fair Housing Act (FHA), American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other jurisdictional code requirements and our experience. We then work with the design team to determine options for compliance that won’t detract from the design intent. IPS also conducts field reviews to provide an additional layer of protection and documentation of compliance.



IPS conducts thorough building envelope and waterproofing reviews during the SD, DD & CD phases identifying areas that need modification to ensure the set meets the technical performance requirements required for the geographic area. We also provide on-site observations during construction to confirm compliance with manufacturer’s installation requirements and Construction Document details.





IPS CA & Observation services are derived from over 30 years of construction, design and development experience. IPS provides a proactive approach in addressing project oversight by providing experience driven methodologies to address issues before they impact the development. This approach affords an environment where all the team members (Developer, GC, Design Team, Consultants and Subcontractors) achieve support in their efforts for an on time and on budget project.