Fair Housing Act Compliance

Fair Housing Act Compliance

Fair Housing Act Compliance, FHA ComplianceFair Housing Act Compliance can be a complicated maze to navigate.  Integrated Project Solution LLC are experts in Fair Housing Act Compliance and can assist you to ensure your projects and properties meet the requirements of FHA and avoid costly litigation.

The Fair Housing Act requires all "covered multifamily dwellings" designed and constructed for first occupancy after March 13, 1991 to be accessible to and usable by people with disabilities. Covered multifamily dwellings are all dwelling units in buildings containing four or more units with one or more elevators, and all ground floor units in buildings containing four or more units, without an elevator. Federal regulations adopted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development at 24 CFR 100.201 define covered multi-family dwellings.

Seven Fair Housing Act Requirements

The Fair Housing Act requires seven basic requirements that must be met to comply with the access requirements of the Act. Those Requirements are:

  • Requirement 1. An accessible building entrance on an accessible route.
  • Requirement 2. Accessible common and public use areas.
  • Requirement 3. Usable doors (usable by a person in a wheelchair).
  • Requirement 4. Accessible route into and through the dwelling unit.
  • Requirement 5. Light switches, electrical outlets, thermostats and other environmental controls in accessible locations.
  • Requirement 6. Reinforced walls in bathrooms for later installation of grab bars.
  • Requirement 7. Usable kitchens and bathrooms.

Fair Housing Act Consulting Services

- FHA Accessibility Fair Housing Act Compliance, FHA Consulting ServicesCompliance Surveys for existing apartment buildings & condominiums for due diligence, refinance or other requirements.

- FHA & Code and Design Consulting including plan reviews and recommendations during the design phase.

- Construction Observations to document deficiencies for correction during construction & ensure/document compliance for future reference.

- Expert Witness & Litigation Support

ADA Title III Interface with FHA

Fair Housing Act Compliance, ADA consultantsTitle III of the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to commercial facilities and public accommodations.  Common areas that are for public use at "covered multifamily dwellings" under the Fair Housing Act must meet the ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Specifically, the rental office in a multifamily residential development or any commercial/retail located in that development would be covered under Title III of the ADA.

Common use areas that are for use only by the residents and their guests would be governed by the requirements of the Federal Fair Housing Amendments Act to achieve Fair Housing Act Compliance.

In Mixed-Use projects it’s critical to understand what portion of the property is controlled by Title III & FHA and how to isolate those requirements, such as parking, from the rest of the property.  IPS is experienced in understanding these requirements and guiding developers & architects thru this process to reduce the impacts to the overall project and achieve Fair Housing Act Compliance.

Building Code Requirements

building codeIn addition to the Federally mandated accessibility requirements State & Local government adopted accessibility standards must be factored in to ensure the project complies with all imposed requirements.   As Certified ICC Accessibility Inspector’s & Plans Examiner’s we have the expertise & experience with projects in 11 States and various model codes including International Building Codes, California State Code and others.